Skimmed Milk Powder Replacer

MILKYLAC is specially formulated to be used by feed compounders
and livestock producers.

Purpose & results
  • A natural lactose and high quality protein source
  • Highly concentrated in protein and necessary amino acids
  • Highly digestible
  • Easy to handle and mix
  • Very stable and has long shelf life
  • Free from nuclear radiation
  • Maintains identical growth results
  • Making the feed more tasty and increases feed intake
Typical chemical analysis:
Crude Protein: min  38.0    %    (N*6,38)
Crude Fat: min    1.7    %
Moisture: max   6.0    %
Ashes: max   9.0    %
Lactose: min   20.0   %

In multiwalled paper bags of 25kg net each.
Each bag has an extra poly inner lining for maximum protection.
Bags are on one-way-pallets and are shrink wrapped.

Nutritional evaluation
  • Calf diets: inclusion rate up to 15-20%
  • Pig diets: inclusion rate up to 20-25%
  • Poultry diets: inclusion rate up to 3-5%