Privacy Policy


This website uses web cookies to improve its functionality and help webmasters analyze its use.

It is the policy of Exøis ehf. to use cookies responsibly. All personal information that may be created during the use of cookies will be processed and processed in accordance with the Privacy Act.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files stored in the browser you use at any given time and are commonly used to make websites work or to work better and more efficiently. For example, cookies store the user’s preferences, ensure that he does not have to log in every time he visits the website and obtain information about the use of the website in order to facilitate his website’s web analytics with the aim of improving his user experience.

What cookies does this website use?

This website uses the following cookies:

Cookies: _gat, _gid, _ga

Cookies used by Google Analytics to analyze web traffic. The information is used to view which web components are used more than others and to improve the website’s services to its users.

Cookies: phpsessid

This cookie is used when the web is programmed in php. It is used for login to the web and is, among other things, so that the user does not have to log in between the pages he is working on on the web.

How do I delete cookies?

You can delete all the cookies that your browser stores. Instructions for it for Internet Explorer are here and Google Chrome here.